Fagens Receive First RFA Membership Award

Cindy Zimmerman

2010 National Ethanol Conference Photo Album

Renewable Fuels Association (RFA) chairman Chris Standlee introduced a new award at the opening session of the 15th annual National Ethanol Conference to recognize individuals who have dedicated their time, energy, resources and ideas to making the ethanol industry and RFA what it is today. The first recipients of the award were Ron and Diane Fagen of Fagen, Inc.

“Member involvement fuels the engine of success,” said Standlee. “Given RFA’s nearly three decades of history there are many people to recognize who helped to build the industry.”

Standlee noted the Fagens’ commitment and leadership to the industry that has helped the industry become “the most energy efficient ethanol industry in the world.”

Fagen is the largest, most respected green energy design-builder in the nation. As President & CEO of the family-owned business, Ron Fagen has been involved in industrial construction since 1974.

I did a brief interview with Ron after he received the award about what Fagen Inc. is up to these days and his outlook on the industry, as well as his feelings about being the first recipient of the RFA Membership Award.

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