You’re Ugly But “We” Love You Big Oil

Joanna Schroeder

My Week of Oil is coming to a close (but will never end) and California has made another interesting move. The California Energy Commission has a new Commissioner – Anthony Eggert. Two highlights of his career include his time serving as the Science and Technology Adviser to Mary Nichols at the California Air Resources Board. Prior to that, he did his Ph.D under Daniel Sperling at the UC Davis Institute of Transportation Studies. Sperling is a huge proponent of hydrogen and opponent of ethanol.

Wowzers. Things could get even uglier in California.

While we wait for the fall-out of yet another Big Oil enthusiast securing a high-level energy position, I want to reiterate my disgust over the state’s earlier move in turning down the $11 million in stimulus funds for 55 E85 pumps in Southern California. The reason according to an article in The San Diego Union Tribune, “But the regional agency in Los Angeles that would have received the money for the project voted last week to reject it, in part because its members don’t believe that ethanol is a worthy alternative to gasoline.”

Really? Then why did you bother wasting your time in passing and enacting the Low Carbon Fuels Standard? The only options to reduce carbon dioxide are propane, natural gas and biofuels and natural gas is fossil-fuel based and propane is virtually only available for fleets. Biofuels are the only immediate option today to reduce CO2 emissions.

The state of California is like a person cheating on his diet – they are advocating a clean energy diet, but eating copious amounts ‘fossil fuels’ mainly sugar and carbs. With this type of thinking, and other states unfortunately looking up to California, our country will never achieve a sustainable and secure energy program, and this my friends, is a very scary position in which to be.

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