Tennessee Town to Put In Biodiesel Brewer

John Davis

A town in Tennessee has bought a new biodiesel processing system that will also reduce the city’s waste.

Biofuels International reports the city of Clarksville got some help from a federal grant that allows Clarksville Gas and Water to convert used cooking oil into the green fuel:

The city hopes that the biodiesel produced will eventually power the city’s buses. This will cost significantly less, as ordinary diesel is priced at almost $2.80 per gallon (€2).

‘We think that we’re procuring this product for about $0.92 to $0.95 a gallon. That’s, of course, very much lower than diesel,’ said Tommy Williams, a supervisor at the wastewater plant in Clarksville.

The feedstock is donated used cooking oil from a dozen restaurants, keeping the grease out of the sewer lines and providing biodiesel into buses and other city vehicles.