Second Ethanol Blend Pump Offered in Missouri

The second ethanol blender pump has opened in Missouri. The Temp Stop is located at 100 SE Todd George Road in Lee’s Summit, Missouri. The station will offer E20, E30, E85 and regular gasoline.

“With the addition of these blender pumps, consumers can seize the opportunity to utilize a homegrown, renewable fuel,” said Bradley Schad, Missouri Corn associate director of ethanol blends. “Not only does ethanol burn cleaner than gasoline, it helps reduce our dependence on foreign oil and keeps U.S. dollars here at home.”

According to the Missouri Corn Growers Association, the Temp Stop blender pumps are part of a pilot program with Missouri Corn and the Missouri Department of Agriculture Division of Weights and Measures.

“We’re proud to be part of this movement to promote a cleaner environment,” says Terry Green, CEO of Temp Stop in Lee’s Summit. “Together with our fuel supplier, CarterEnergy, we’re making E20, E30 and E85 available to our customers and offering them more choices than ever before when it comes to refueling their vehicles. These blended fuels give them a way to join the ‘green’ movement, too.”

Missouri Corn is currently working with additional retailers to establish more ethanol blending pump facilities in the state.

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