NBB CEO Joe Jobe Addresses Conference

Chuck Zimmerman

Joe JobeThe CEO of the National Biodiesel Board, Joe Jobe, was on stage to welcome a standing room only crowd at the opening general session to the Conference. He opened up with a political theme to his remarks.

As the folks in the opening video stated very clearly, this last year has been a huge struggle for our industry. With the economic recession, volatile diesel prices, the credit crisis, the blocking of export markets, the delayed implementation of the RFS-2…., even with the tax credit in place, 2009 was really tough. I heard several NBB members say over the course of this year…. “well, the bright side is that it can’t get any worse”. I’ve learned its best not to say that. Because we’ve seen over last 39 days that it could get worse while we have had neither the RFS-2 nor the tax credit in place. The industry has shut down, businesses are going under, jobs are being lost. Its been like watching a train wreck in slow motion. Our top priority remains getting the tax credit reinstated retroactively as quickly as possible.

Joe says that implementation of the new RFS-2 is going to be very complex so three of the sessions coming up will focus on the subject. He also went on to look ahead on a positive note.

But the good news is that when we get this tax credit turned back on, we will be where we set out to be four years ago. Now is not the time to waiver, or turn back, or to run. Let’s stay together and get this done. Let’s get this industry back in business. We can do this!
Besides potentially doubling our production levels for biodiesel this calendar year, the RFS-2 does something else that is very important. It establishes very conclusively under EPA guidelines and federal law, that biodiesel is an advanced biofuel, because it meets the criteria and definition of advanced biofuel under the law. And the reality behind that is that biodiesel is currently the only advanced biofuel that is commercially available nationwide.

You can listen to Joe’s speech below.

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