Ethanol Plants Can Be Biorefineries

Joanna Schroeder

The Next Generation Bio-Based Chemicals Summit is taking place in San Diego this week and Poet’s Vice President of Commercial Development, Scott Wishaar, will be discussing how new ethanol co-products can help ethanol plants become true biorefineries.

Photo Credit: Poet

Wishaar is participating in the panel discussion, “Perspectives of Biorefinery Owners and Development on the Bio-Based Chemicals Value Chain” taking place on Wednesday, February 10th.

According to Poet, co-products such as Inviz zein, open many new markets for producers today. Inviz is a biodegradable, low-nutrient protein found in corn and can be used as a gum base or in films, packaging, adhesives, coatings and glazes. Inviz zein is extracted using a patent-pending process developed by POET.

The company is also researching other co-products to further expand the value of corn and anticipates that bio-based chemicals and related products will likely emerge as viable co-products as part of the production process of Project LIBERTY. Poet is is using corn cobs to create cellulosic ethanol as part of this pilot project.

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