Biodiesel Conference Opening Day

Chuck Zimmerman

Hello from Grapevine, TX at the start opening day of the 2010 Conference. This morning members of the media (including yours truly) will partake in a ride and drive to see this year’s line-up of new 2010 and 2011 clean diesel vehicles powered by biodiesel blends. We’ll be doing that at Classic Clean Fuels, a nearby fueling station selling alternative fuels.

Then we’ll be off to a tour of Direct Fuels Biodiesel Plant. I’ll be taking photos and doing interviews to post here for you as soon as I can. I’ll also be posting onto the National Biodiesel Conference Blog for the 5th year. That will be my main posting location but I’ll be including stories for you here as well.

This afternoon we’ll be partying Super Bowl/Biodiesel style so go team (insert your favorite).

Biodiesel Conference