AAA Poll on E15

Cindy Zimmerman

AAA has already made up its mind about increasing amount of ethanol allowed in gasoline to 15 percent, but they want to know what you think.

The headline for an article posted by the automotive organization last week reads “Bailout Blend: Bad for Your Engine?” and proceeds to bash ethanol as being bad for consumers.

“How would you feel about a fuel additive that could cost you more money and screw up your engine? If the ethanol industry has its way, that’s just what you might get,” they begin, calling an increase to E15 “a bailout for the ethanol industry that may come at the expense of drivers.”

At the end of the one-sided article, AAA asks for your opinion. “Do you think adding E15 to the nation’s fuel supply is a good idea? Log onto and take our poll.” Not surprisingly, the poll is running two to one against E15. Maybe it’s because the article doesn’t say anything about the EPA findings that ethanol is better than conventional gasoline when it comes to greenhouse gas emissions, reducing them by at least 20 percent. AAA says, “Producing ethanol is an energy-intensive process that still results in greenhouse-gas emissions. It won’t save the planet as it still produces pollutants.” It may not save the planet, but it can help cut greenhouse gas emissions by cutting at least some of our gasoline use.

As far as engine issues and mileage concerns, Brazil runs up to 25% ethanol in its cars with no problems, and they consider energy independence to be more important than a few less miles to the gallon.

*post update*
If the link to the poll in the post doesn’t work, try the link in the AAA article. Apparently after you vote, you can’t go back to that link at all, so I can’t get the poll link to add to this post.

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