Renewable Energy at Iowa Power Farming Show

Cindy Zimmerman

harness natureThe mission of Harness Nature (HN) is to design, market, install, and service renewable, sustainable, alternative energy sources in the Midwest, which is why they were exhibiting at the Iowa Power Farming Show this week in Des Moines.

“We’re a renewable energy company based out of Des Moines,” says Harness Nature Team member Randy Skeie, pictured here on the left with HN owner Dan Broderick on right. “Most of our focus here in Iowa is on wind because it’s an abundant resource.”

Skeie says wind energy is growing in the Midwest. “Iowa is currently number two in terms of wind production in the nation, behind Texas, so we’re a leader in that regard,” he said.

Harness Nature works with homeowners, farmers and businesses to help them incorporate renewable energy sources and Skeie says there are incentives and stimulus dollars available to do that.

Listen to or download Chuck Zimmerman’s interview with Randy Skeie from the Iowa Power Farming Show.

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