Iowa Closer to Biodiesel Mandate

John Davis

A 5 percent biodiesel mandate in Iowa is a bit closer to a reality.

This story from the Des Moines Register says the bill that would require all biodiesel sold in the Iowa contain at least 5 percent biodiesel passed a state legislative subcommittee … but not without some fiesty debate:

“The hog producers in this state are being ravaged right now, but we’re not in here mandating eating bacon,” [Republican Erik Helland of Grimes] said.

Helland said later that “I have nothing against biodiesel, but I just don’t like mandates.”

[Rep. Sharon Steckman (Dem., Mason City), chair of the committee,] said “we’re sending our young people over to the Middle East to get killed for oil when we could be making some of our own right here.”

Biodiesel has lagged behind ethanol in usage because unlike ethanol, it has never had a federal mandate. Truckers and gasoline retailers also have opposed the mandate.

The B5 bill passed the Iowa State Senate last year but didn’t advance in the House. Let’s hope for the best this year.

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