Concept Bike to Run on Biodiesel

John Davis

While they haven’t received as much press as their alternatively fueled cousins, motorcycles that run on biodiesel are carving out a bit of a niche. Well, maybe this next design will punch a hole right through everyone’s thinking!

This post on Gas 2.0 introduces us what could be the next generation of bad motor scooters:

MetalbackMeet the Metalback motorcycle concept. Designed by Jordan Meadows, a man with plenty of street cred when it comes to vehicular design. The Metalback concept combines alternative fuels and recycled materials in a missle-shaped machine drawn straight from some science fiction dystopian future. And it just plain old looks cool.

This is purely a concept right now, so don’t go expecting to buy one of these anytime soon. But it does seem practical. The Metalback is powered by a V4 engine that runs on biodiesel, which many would argue is more practical than electric motorcycles currently are due to their range limit and high cost (though I doubt this machine would be very cheap either).

The Metalback is even “painted” green, as the recycled aluminum is treated with just a patina that allows a little natural oxidation that actually protects the metal … kind of like how a statue turns green. Check out more information at