Biodiesel, Ethanol Part of Illinois Sustainability Award

John Davis

IDOTBiodiesel and ethanol, along with some gas/electric hybrids, are credited with helping the Illinois Department of Transportation win a sustainability award in that state.

This press release from IDOT says the agency made exceptional progress in 2009 in a statewide effort to become a more sustainable agency and win the Green Government Award from the Illinois Green Government Coordinating Council:

“We are pleased to have received this award,” said [Illinois Transportation Secretary Gary Hannig]. “We work hard each day to ensure our construction projects adhere to the highest environmental standards, while maintaining the safety and effectiveness of our roads. Our efforts to improve construction methods, promote fuel conservation and enhance green practices all are a part of our overall effort to build a cleaner, greener Illinois.”

The award was based on several practices and efforts that IDOT initiated. One of the strides that IDOT made was creating a more environmentally friendly vehicle fleet. The fleet includes 741 alternative vehicles, 36 gas/electric hybrids and one E85/electric. The diesel fleet is now 100 percent capable of burning biodiesel fuel.

The agency made several other efforts to make its roads and rest stops greener. You can read more about Illinois’ sustainability efforts here.

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