Corn Growers Focus on Ethanol Future

Cindy Zimmerman

NCGAWith a record corn crop under their belts despite challenging weather conditions in 2009, corn growers are continuing to develop the production and use of ethanol for America’s energy future.

National Corn Growers Association (NCGA) Ethanol Committee chairman Jon Holzfaster, a grower from Nebraska, says they are focused on increasing the domestic market and overcoming the blend wall in 2010.

“We will increase the market for ethanol and overcome the blend wall if we achieve a blend up to E-15,” said Holzfaster. “The EPA made some favorable moves last year. They are taking a closer look at E-15 right now, but I am excited about what we might see in the future in terms of a move from an E-10 to a higher blend.”

Holzfaster is also excited about moving ethanol into other racing venues. “NASCAR is excited about a future partnership with the ethanol industry to not only help promote the fact that they are becoming more environmentally friendly, but also to help the ethanol industry promote their product,” said Holzfaster.

With the nation’s corn growers producing record and near-record crops, Holzfaster says growing the domestic ethanol market will remain a top priority for NCGA.

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