Growth Energy Introduces Market Development Newsletter

Cindy Zimmerman

fyi-newsletterThis week, the Growth Energy Market Development Team introduced the first edition of a new bi-monthly electronic newsletter. This newsletter will focus on issues associated with E85, flexible fuel vehicles and blender pumps. The E85 FYI Newsletter was first introduced by the National Ethanol Vehicle Coalition (NEVC) over ten years ago, and has been recently adopted by Growth Energy as the Market Development FYI Newsletter.

growth_energy_supportlogoThe first issue of the Market Development FYI Newsletter includes the following articles: Big Oil Letting Go of Retail Outlets; MSDS Sheets for Ethanol Blends; Missouri Opens First Blender Pump; Blender Pump Tax Fix Sought; States Offer Additional Infrastructure Tax Credits; E85 Makes Inroads on Cost and Availability; Dresser Wayne Promotes Blender Pumps; Member Spotlight and much more.

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