Nevada Water Company Proposes 100-mw Solar Farm

John Davis

VidlerA water company in Nevada is proposing to build a solar farm that could be one of the biggest in the country.

The Reno Gazette-Journal reports that Vidler Water Co. wants to to build a 100-megawatt solar farm at its Fish Springs Ranch about 40 miles from Reno. Construction could start next year:

In Europe, a 1.8 million-megawatt farm is planned in the Czech Republic, using solar photovoltaic modules that concentrate the sun’s energy on a thin film surrounded by glass. Those panels are produced by Signet Solar of Meno Park, Calif.

Signet Solar also will manufacture the solar panels to be used at Fish Springs Ranch, said Donald Pattalock, Vidler vice president for obtaining permits.

Signet Solar has a factory near Dresden, Germany, and announced plans a year ago to open its first American manufacturing plant in Belen, N.M.

Last summer, Pattalock said he showed Signet Solar officials possible sites for another manufacturing plant in the Stead area. “We have a lot of water to put to work, and we thought we can do something to jump-start industry,” he said.

Vidler bought the land about 10 years ago with hopes of developing it. However, the housing crash stalled those plans.