Soybean Checkoff, Clean Cities Promote Biodiesel

John Davis

USBA group that promotes the use of soybeans and a program that works to reduce local petroleum consumption are partnering again to promote the use of soy biodiesel next year.

This article from radio station KFGO in Fargo, ND-Moorhead, MN
says the United Soybean Board’s soybean checkoff and the U.S. Department of Energy-affiliated (USDOE) Clean Cities’ chapters will develop programs that promote the benefits of soy biodiesel:

“The soybean checkoff continued this program to support the use of soy biodiesel in any diesel motor to show how biodiesel is cleaner burning and better for the environment while supporting U.S. agriculture,” says Geno Lowe, a soybean farmer from Hebron, Md., and soybean checkoff leader. “We expect we’ll see some inventive proposals such as school bus demonstrations to public transportation uses to heavy equipment uses by state or local governments or maybe even a bioheat promotion project.”

Biodiesel promotion and education has proved to be important to U.S. soybean farmers’ bottom lines. A checkoff-funded study found that U.S. soybean farmers received an additional $2.5 billion in net returns over the last four years due to the biodiesel industry’s demand for soybean oil. It shows this demand added up to 25 cents in support for the per-bushel price of soybeans.

USB will provide up to $100,000 for funding soy biodiesel communications programs. The biodiesel reimbursement application process has been opened up, and USB is encouraging Clean Cities chapters to partner with Qualified State Soybean Boards (QSSBs) for this project. Selected participants will be announced in the middle of next month.

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