Grease Trap Waste Recycling Plant Begins Production

Joanna Schroeder

Maybe there are some benefits of eating fast food. The first Grease Trap Waste recycling plant in Florida is now in production. Affordable Bio Feedstock, Inc. has developed a brown grease waste recycling plant which turns grease into biofuels. The plant is located in Kissimmee, Florida, also the company’s headquarters, and the company plans on building at least 11 additional plants in Central Florida during the next 14 months. In addition to creating biofuels, the company also converts food solids into fertilizer or animal feedstock.

Remainder Waste After Processing

Remainder Waste After Processing

The company has developed a proprietary and environmentally responsible process for brown grease recycling called Thermal Depolymerization technology, which allows them to separate its contents (oil, organic solids and water) into three commercially marketable products: brown grease, nutrient rich organic solids and nutrient rich water. The plant will process 50,000 gallons of grease trap waste per day.

Grease trap waste is generated in food service establishments (not just fast foods) from fats, oils, and grease in food products and is collected in grease traps and interceptors. For the most part, the waste is being disposed of in landfills at an expense to the restaurant. In addition, the waste can cause sewage overflows costing cities time and money. That is why, says the company, that they have focused on this waste product to produce valuable products such as biofuels.

Ultimately the company will expand its production outside of Florida and into the Southwest. It looks like biodiesel enthusiasts may have some competition on their hands.

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