New Jersey Station Celebrates Anniversary of Biodiesel

John Davis

wooleysign1The first commercial service station in New Jersey that offered biodiesel is celebrating the first anniversary of that historic event.

As you might remember from my post last year, it was an early Christmas present for the area around Maplewood, New Jersey as Woolley Fuel became the first in the state to offer Biodiesel to the public. Proprietor Norm Woolley, Jr. first offered B5 biodiesel and now offers up to 30 percent biodiesel blends … with plans to up that to higher percentage blends in the future.

The green fuel has been a hit with the locals:

“The use of Biodiesel in our jitney buses is a success; Maplewood’s commitment to lowering our carbon footprint makes the use of this type of fuel a natural step in the process”, said Maplewood Mayor Victor DeLuca. Biodiesel displaces foreign oil, improves air quality and improves diesel engine performance.

Since Woolley Fuel became the first to publicly offer the cleaner burning fuel 10 more biodiesel dispensers have opened. “It’s nice to be the first, but it’s also good to see that others are able to make a difference in different regions of the State.”

And for those who try to argue that it’s not financially viable, Woolley says that biodiesel demand has upped the company’s sales by 8 percent each month. And there are plans to start selling BioHeating oil for homes.

Congratulations and happy anniversary, Woolley’s!