Northern Most Ethanol Blender Pump Station Opens

blender_pumpThe northern most E85 fueling station is now open! The Farmers Union Oil ethanol blender pump at 418 State Avenue SW in Warroad, Minnosota celebrated their opening this week.

The “Christmas Tree discounts” at the station began Wednesday. Motorists who bought eight gallons or more of the ethanol blended fuels received discounts off the price of the live Christmas trees sold at the station: E85 = $8.50 discount; E50 = $5 discount; E30 = $3 discount; E20 = $2 discount; and E10 = $1 discount.

Minnesota now has over 60 blender pumps within the state and about 350 E85 stations. The state touts the most E85 fueling locations of any state throughout the country.

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