Algae Biodiesel Maker Teams with Japanese

John Davis

OriginOilCalifornia-based algae biodiesel producer OriginOil Inc. has signed a memorandum of understanding with Japan’s Research Institute of Tsukuba Bio-Tech (RITB) to develop algae-to-jet fuel technologies.

RITB2This article from Biomass Magazine says the deal comes on the heels of RITB getting money from the Japan Science and Technology Agency to develop algae-to-jet fuel applications:

Headed by Tsukuba University professor emeritus and algae researcher Takaaki Maekawa, RITB recently signed a memorandum of understanding with OriginOil to develop and distribute systems in Japan for aircraft fuel production, algae-to-oil production and other industry applications. RITB was recently approved for two years of research and development funding based on its proposal to the Japan Science and Technology agency. Maekawa’s presentation, available on the RITB Web site, pointed to the volume of carbon emissions from Japans major industrial emitters as well the stability of jet oil prices and future demand potential.

“Our funders have set a priority on sustainable aircraft fuels,” Maekawa said. “Together with OriginOil we will target these fuels. We look to OriginOil for the needed technology and resources to help carry out this vast assignment.”

“We salute Japan Science & Technology Agency for its initiative in algae-based jet fuel,” said Riggs Eckelberry, OriginOil CEO. “We are privileged to have been asked by RITB to support Professor Maekawa’s high-priority efforts over the next two years. We look forward to helping make his program a major success.”

Earlier this year, Japan Airlines tested a mix of camelina, algae and jatropha biofuel blended with jet fuel and found it had better fuel efficiency than traditional kerosene used in airliners.

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