Biodiesel Giant Awards Scholarship

John Davis

herobxlogo1The nation’s biggest biodiesel is making a student’s Christmas a bit greener.

HERO BX has awarded Erie, Pa. native Katherine Tarr, a $1,000 scholarship. This company press release says the award was given in conjunction with the Erie movie premier of the Sundance Film Festival award winning film, FUEL:

HeroBXLKosarKTarr1“I’m really grateful for the scholarship,” said Tarr, who will graduate from Gannon University next spring with a Masters of Education in Curriculum and Instruction. She noted that the film had a major impact on her, especially as an educator. “It’s interesting. I’m in education and didn’t realize that you could put biodiesel in your car if you have a diesel engine. This just demonstrates the need for more information, especially targeted at students. I don’t think they realize we’re running out of fossil fuels and I want to be able to tell my students that biodiesel is an available option.”

Last December, as part of the Energy Bill, the federal government dedicated $125 million dollars per year to funding green job training programs. Of that, $20 million is allocated for renewable energy and energy efficiency research.

“HERO BX is on the forefront of developing new technologies to efficiently and affordably produce biofuels,” said Leonard Kosar, HERO BX CEO. “Having team members trained for these types of green jobs is an essential component of HERO BX’s success and to the success of our country’s efforts to become energy secure and sustainable. That is why we understand that supporting educational efforts are critical.”

Tarr says she’s considering a diesel as her next car so she can fill the tank with locally produced biodiesel.