RFA: EPA Needs to Avoid Paralysis by Analysis

Joanna Schroeder

The EPA received more than 80,000 comments regarding the E15 waiver and with responses coming in a tidal wave, there may well be another 80,000 more. Yesterday, the EPA submitted a letter to “postpone” making a decision regarding the E15 waiver petition.

rfa-logo-09“This delay from EPA threatens to paralyze the continued growth of the American ethanol industry because of its decision to over analyze this decision,” said Renewable Fuels Association (RFA) spokesperson, Matt Hartwig.

According to Hartwig and seconded by many in the ethanol industry, the data that has been submitted to the EPA in support of this request, “demonstrates that there are no ill effects of ethanol with vehicles today.”

He continued, “In order to avoid this paralysis by analysis, we believe EPA should immediately approve an intermediate ethanol blend such as E12 or E13.” This would represent several more billion gallons of ethanol in the marketplace and, “signal a willingness by the EPA to work with the industry to expand renewable fuels.” It would also, concluded Hartwig, provide a “glimmer of hope,” for those second generation ethanol companies that there will be a market for their product.

You an listen to the full interview with Matt Hartwig here.

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