ACE Confident EPA Will Approve E15 by Mid-2010

Joanna Schroeder

ACE_new_logoThe ethanol industry continues to let the EPA know its thoughts on the postponement of the decision regarding the E15 Waiver request, but like many other organization, is confident that the EPA will approve up to E15 blends by mid-2010.

Brian Jennings, the Executive Vice President of the American Coalition for Ethanol (ACE) and one of the ethanol groups to submit the original waiver request, commented today, “While we would have strongly preferred that EPA approved E15 today for all vehicles, we’re pleased that progress is being made toward this goal. We are confident that in the long run the data will demonstrate that E15 and higher ethanol blends such as E20 and E30 can effectively be used in all vehicles.”

While the EPA acknowledges that ethanol will need to be blended into gasoline at levels great than 10 percent (E10) to meet the goals of the Renewable Fuel Standard which states that the country needs to blend 36 billion gallons of alternative fuels by 2022, there is consternation among supporters of their unwillingness to acknowledge current vehicle research that supports the use of mid-level blends of ethanol. ACE has conducted research regarding the performance of mid-level ethanol blends in conventional vehicles for the past several years.

The organization believes that in preparation for the E15 waiver to be approved now is a good time for Congress to enact the Harkin-Lugar ‘Choice Act,’ S. 1627, “which promotes flexible fuel vehicles, blender pumps and ways for fuel retailers to economically add more options for their customers.”

Jennings concluded, “Ultimately we need to shift the power to decide what fuels motorists use away from government agencies and oil companies and to consumers.  We support maximum consumer choice for motorists to use E10, E15, E20, E30, E85, or ethanol-free gasoline, and we believe that when consumers are finally given these meaningful choices they will select the ethanol-blended fuels that work best in their vehicles. Senate Bill 1627 will be one of ACE’s top legislative priorities for 2010.”

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