Biodiesel Board Asks for RFS2 Targets Implementation

John Davis

NBB-logoThe National Biodiesel Board is asking the U.S. EPA to implement targets for biomass-based biodiesel required under the expanded Renewable Fuels Standard (RFS2) … a standard already overdue by a year.

Biodiesel Magazine reports that the NBB has sent a letter to the EPA asking the agency early next year to put in the standards of 500 million gallons of biomass-based Diesel in 2009; 650 million gallons in 2010; 800 million gallons in 2011; and 1 billion gallons in 2012:

“We are rapidly approaching the end of 2009, a year beyond the statutory deadline for RFS2 implementation,” noted Manning Feraci, NBB’s Vice President of Federal Affairs. “The U.S. biodiesel industry has made vital business decisions based on the RFS2 renewable targets, and the nation’s ability to meet these modest renewable goals will be undermined if the EPA does not take immediate steps to implement the Biomass-based Diesel Program.”

In the letter to EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson, the NBB specifically explains the need for the EPA to use its existing authority to implement the 2009 and 2010 Biomass-based Diesel volumes as required by RFS2 no later than January 1, 2010. The letter further explains that the EPA can fulfill its non-discretionary duty to implement the Biomass-based Diesel program under the current RFS program by issuing an appropriate renewable volume obligation specifically for biodiesel.

“Further delay implementing the RFS2 volume requirements will prolong the severe economic hardship facing the domestic biodiesel industry, and we hope the EPA will take the common-sense steps called for in this letter,” concluded Feraci.

You can read Feraci’s letter to the EPA here.

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