Northern States Get More Options for Winter Biodiesel

John Davis

Some places in the Upper Midwest will see a bit more biodiesel next winter.

MagellanThis article from Biodiesel Magazine says that petroleum distribution company Magellan Midstream Partners, L.P. has agreed to install winter biodiesel blending equipment at its Sioux Falls terminal, making more biodiesel available in the South Dakota-Southwest Minnesota region … and that pleases ag officials in both states:

[Minnesota Agriculture Commissioner Gene] Hugoson says the Minnesota Biodiesel Task Force has been working to find a company that would be willing to install biodiesel blending equipment at a major fueling terminal to serve southwestern Minnesota.

“Magellan has been a good partner for the state of Minnesota as we developed our biofuels programs,” said Hugoson. “Magellan has supported the biodiesel industry since its infancy and they have been instrumental in ensuring the safe and effective blending of ethanol and biodiesel.”

South Dakota Agriculture Secretary [Bill] Even says the facility will allow diesel consumers to gain better year-round access to quality biodiesel blends. “This decision will have positive implications for smoother distribution of biodiesel blends in South Dakota, Minnesota and surrounding states,” Even said. “This facility is another step toward reducing our dependency on foreign oil.”

Magellan’s COO, Mike Mears said “our multi-million dollar investment in biodiesel infrastructure at the Sioux Falls terminal comes at a time when our customers are looking for state-of-the-art systems that accurately, efficiently and safely blend biodiesel into diesel fuel.”

Magellan officials point out no state money went into the upgrade. The new equipment is expected to be installed sometime next year with winter biodiesel blends available next fall.