Biodiesel Board Selects Leadership

John Davis

NBB-logoMembers of the National Biodiesel have chosen who will represent the trade association on its governing board and leadership committee.

In this NBB press release, NBB vice chair Gary Haer of Iowa-based Renewable Energy Group said the green fuel “is one of our nation’s valuable tools to fight greenhouse gas and enhance energy security,” and the the board’s leadership reflects the diversity and wide spread benefits of the association:

Officers elected to lead the board are:

* Ed Hegland, chairman, Minnesota Soybean Promotion and Research Council (farmer)
* Gary Haer, vice chair, Renewable Energy Group, Inc. (producer)
* Ed Ulch, secretary, Iowa Soybean Association, (at large)
* Jim Conway, treasurer, Griffin Industries (renderer/producer)

Biodiesel board members also voted to fill eight board member spots. Board members elected to the Governing Board include officers and:

* Darryl Brinkmann, American Soybean Association (at large)
* Kris Kappenman, ADM (producer)
* Bob Metz, South Dakota Soybean Research and Promotion Council (at large)
* Ron Marr, Minnesota Soybean Processors (at large)

Greg Anderson, Denny Mauser, David Womack, Robert Stobaugh, Greg Hopkins, Doug Smith and Dave Lyons also serve on the Governing Board.

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