RFA Sends Former VP Ethanol Facts

Cindy Zimmerman

rfaThe Renewable Fuels Association wants former Vice President Al Gore to know that he was right the first time about ethanol and other biofuels. RFA CEO Bob Dinneen has written a letter to Gore challenging the chapter about ethanol in his new book “Our Choice.”

“Given your attention to science and the facts, I am disappointed by the treatment of ethanol and other biofuels in your new book, Our Choice,” Dinneen wrote. “Many of your characterizations of today’s American ethanol industry are out of date or simply wrong. With 10.5 billion gallons produced and sold this year, ethanol is a major factor in America’s motor fuel supply and is helping eliminate the need for increasing environmentally damaging sources of crude oil.”

Listen to or download Dinneen’s comments about Gore’s book and what he hopes to accomplish with this letter to the former Vice President.

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