Iowa Behind National in Ethanol Use

Cindy Zimmerman

Iowa is the top ethanol producing states, but it has dropped behind the national average when it comes to using the fuel.

Iowa RFAAccording to the Iowa Renewable Fuels Association (IRFA), that 71 percent of the gasoline sold in the state during September was 10 percent ethanol, compared to 80 percent for the average nationwide.

“Iowa’s ethanol sales are lagging behind the nation, Iowa history, and the 2009 goal of the Iowa Renewable Fuels Standard,” said Monte Shaw, IRFA Executive Director. “While the rest of the country has steadily increased ethanol use since 2006, Iowa has at best held even and now seems to be falling back. In 2006, Iowa was one of the nation’s leaders in ethanol sales. Today, Iowa does not lead. Iowa is not average. Iowa is below average. These disappointing statistics should force a complete reexamination of how Iowa intends to move forward to be a leader in the use of ethanol, not just the production.”

IRFA figures show a downward trend in Iowa ethanol usage this year. E10 sales were 75 percent in 2008, but are averaging only 73 percent this year. Iowa is the leader in renewable fuels production, with 40 ethanol refineries capable of producing nearly 3.3 billion gallons annually.

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