Biodiesel Tour Bus Gets Free Fillup

John Davis

PermibusYou can’t beat free… unless you’re also getting renewable, clean-burning biodiesel. Well, the world’s first environmentally sustainable tour bus was able to get a free fillup of B100, pure biodiesel, at Innovation Fuels’ New York Harbor bioefinery:

InnovationFuels“The Permibus” – the world’s first environmentally sustainable tour bus complete with an interior garden perpetuated by worms, live chicken farm, multidimensional composting system, solar panels and wood burning stove – visited renewable fuels company Innovation Fuels’ New York harbor bio-refinery on Passaic Street in Newark, NJ on Thursday, October 22, 2009 and received a free tanks’ worth or 60 gallons of 100% pure biodiesel. The bus, which has traveled over 11,000 miles on renewable energy, stopped at Innovation Fuels as part of a national tour dedicated to showcasing sustainable living.

The New York-based green fuel maker and distributor sells biodiesel in the U.S. and around the world. The Permibus is a traveling roadshow of education and resources to those interested in cultivating revolutionary ways of living in their communities.