Biofuels on the Lesson Plan for Some Students

John Davis

4h-NSE-logoStudents across the country recently had a chance to have a blast with biofuels. The 4-H National Youth Science Day taught kids some of the basics of the green fuels.

This story from KSFX-TV in Springfield, Missouri says a University of Missouri chemistry lab played host to one such group of students looking to the future of renewable energy:

MO4HbiofuelsWith a little sugar, water, yeast, and a balloon, kids watched how yeast breaks down sugars.

The resulting reaction release is a biofuel, a mixture of carbon dioxide and ethanol.

The learning by doing atmosphere gives young people extra time to experiment with science.

“We have to take every opportunity to have kids thinking about science and doing science in a fun way outside of the classroom.” says Bill Pabst, an M.U. extension 4-H youth specialist.

The 4-H’s goal is to prepare 1 million youngsters to excel in science and technology by 2013.