Update On UF Renewable Fuels Center

Chuck Zimmerman

Sheilachu GomezOne of the nation’s largest farm shows is the Sunbelt Ag Expo in Moultrie, GA. I’ve been attending thanks to the support of Growth Energy and covering the show on our AgWired website. I did find a couple of stories I thought I’d share with you here including this one from the University of Florida exhibit.

One of my stops in their building included the Florida Center for Renewable Chemicals & Fuels. On hand to tell their story and give us an update on their activities was Sheilachu P. Gomez, Assistant Director, pictured here. She says the Center is primarily for the development of the technology to convert biomass to ethanol and organic acids. They have two patents that have been purchased by two companies already (an ethanol patent to Verenium and organic acids patent to Myriant). They have a pilot plant for cellulosic ethanol production to optimize biomass conversion at the campus and have a planned plant to be located in Perry, FL. The last is a partnership with Myriant and Buckeye. In the future Sheila says they’re looking more into the value added products of the production process.

You can listen to my interview with Sheila below:

Feel free to browse my photos from the show: Sunbelt Ag Expo 2009 Photo Album. I will have another story on switchgrass posted soon.

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