Company to Turn Natural Gas & Biogas into Clean Diesel

John Davis

ARCA Nevada company is looking to turn natural gas and biogas, such as methane from garbage dumps, into a clean form of diesel.

GDieselAdvanced Refining Concepts, LLC is building a 100,000-gallon-a-day plant 10 miles east of Reno in Northern Nevada that will use a proprietary pollution-free process, called ClearRefining™, that liquefies natural gas and other biogases into a product they call GDiesel™, comparable to No. 1 diesel fuel:

“Beginning construction of this facility is an important milestone for ARC, advancing our goal of making America energy independent by reducing this country’s need for foreign crude oil imports,” said Peter Gunnerman, co-founder of Advanced Refining Concepts. “We expect the GDiesel™ produced at our Peru Heights facility initially will be used for large fleet operators, power producers or as blend stock.”

The facility, which will employ 25 full-time workers, will consist of 10 fully automated ClearRefining™ units, each capable of producing up to 10,000 gallons of GDiesel™ per day. “The location we’ve selected just outside of Reno is ideal for this venture,” said Gunnerman. “The facility has convenient access to natural gas, existing fuel lines and is strategically located near rail and truck lines.”

The plant is scheduled for completion by January 2010.

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