Wind Consortium Led by Illinois Institute of Technology

Joanna Schroeder

iit_logo_2005_2Wind energy has received another gust with the announcement from U.S. Energy Secretary Steven Chu that three universities have been given investments for wind energy research. An Illinois Institute of Technology (IITT) led consortium has been selected for up to $8 million to support the research and development programs that include private industry, state and local governments, and other universities as partners. The other two benefactors are University of Minnesota and University of Maine.

“Illinois Institute of Technology’s consortium is pleased to have been chosen to help advance wind energy for the nation,” said IIT President John Anderson. “The combination of research and academic opportunities at IIT and its academic consortium partners, in conjunction with industry, will help the United States be at the forefront of this technology.”

The wind projects, guided by “20% Wind Energy by 2030 Report,” will focus on the improvement in current land-based and offshore turbine technology and also provide educational opportunities for college and graduate students in the field of wind energy technologies. The three projects selected are in support of President Obama’s focus on creating clean energy and green jobs. The funds are part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

“Wind power has the potential to provide 20 percent of our electricity and create hundreds of thousands of jobs,” said Secretary Chu. “We need to position the United States as the clear leader in this industry, or watch these high-paying jobs go overseas. The investment we’re making today will help ensure that America has both the talent and the technology we need to compete.”

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