IEA: Global Biofuel Production to Rise Big by 2012

John Davis

Biodiesel production worldwide has risen by 10 times over the last eight years and could double again in just two more years, while global ethanol production has more than tripled over the same time period and could jump by another 50 percent by the year 2012.

Farmers Weekly Interactive reports a new report from the International Energy Agency says biodiesel went from about 1 billion liters (about 250 million gallons) in 2002 to 10.9 billion liters (about 2.75 billion gallons) in 2010 and is expected to double by the year 2012:

The review of 21 key biofuel producing countries by the International Energy Agency’s Bioenergy Task 39 also reveals bioethanol production has increased significantly, from less than 20bn litres per year in 2000 to 66bn litres per year by 2008.

Much of the growth in both fuel types is happening in just three countries; the United States, Brazil and Germany, which together account for over half of biodiesel and more than three-quarters of bioethanol production.

The IEA report suggests if recent trends continue, world production of biodiesel could top 20bn litres per year by 2012, while bioethanol production could exceed 90bn litres.

The report goes on to say that economic and ecological sustainability issues are now becoming the main drivers in biofuels production.

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