Biodiesel Myths Busted

Joanna Schroeder

NBB logoThe biofuels industry has yet to get a famous show like Mythbusters to test some of the false information floating around about biodiesel and ethanol. Well, maybe we don’t need them. The National Biodiesel Board (NBB) just released a new educational piece called, “Biodiesel Myths: Busted,” that highlights nine of the most circulated myths and corrects them.

A few “myths” include biodiesel contributes to the rising cost of food and biodiesel contributes to global warming. These are both false. And as I hear rumors that it may snow in the Midwest this weekend, here is a proper time to bust this myth: that biodiesel doesn’t perform in cold weather.

According to NBB, “Properly managed, high quality biodiesel blends are used successfully in the coldest of climates. Biodiesel will gel in very cold temperatures, just as common #2 diesel does. Although pure biodiesel has a higher cloud point than #2 diesel fuel, typical blends of 20 percent biodiesel are managed with similar management techniques as #2 diesel. Blends of 5 percent biodiesel and less have virtually no impact on cold weather operability.”

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