Propel Fuels Provides Green Job Training for At-Risk Youth in California

propelAccording to a press release by Propel Fuels, the group who is a leading retailer of environmentally-friendly, alternative fuels, has partnered with the Sacramento Regional Conservation Corps (SRCC) to provide life and jobs skills training for at-risk young men and women at Propel’s retail fueling locations. Involvement in the program provides SRCC corpsmembers training in critical skills such as job responsibility, timeliness and teamwork, while exposing them to the promising industry of renewable energy.

“Our partnership with SRCC allows us to not only help young people develop important skills that will assist them the rest of their lives, but creates a skilled workforce for the growing renewable fuels industry.” said Rob Elam, Propel’s President and Co-Founder. “We look forward to expanding this important program on a larger scale as our network of alternative fueling stations grows.”

SRCC provides an alternative to youth unemployment, incarceration and substance abuse through conservation work, education and community service. The Corps experience leads to successful post program employment, and has been found to reduce arrest rates by one third.

“The opportunities that Propel has provided for the young people in our program are invaluable and offer them a positive environment in which they can channel their energy,” said Andi Liebenbaum, Deputy Director of the Sacramento Regional Conservation Corps. “The exposure our corpsmembers are receiving to the renewable fuels industry can only help them in a future job market.”

Through its Sacramento area Clean Fuel Points, Propel has brought immediate and convenient access to E85 and biodiesel to the tens of thousands of Flex Fuel and diesel vehicles in California. The company currently operates a network of five stations in Sacramento, Rocklin, Citrus Heights and Elk Grove and aims to deploy hundreds of stations across the state over the next five years. Propel ensures its fuels are sourced from sustainable, U.S.-based feedstocks that protect our environment and reduce dependence on foreign oil.

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