Iowa Schools to Get Biodiesel Education Grants

John Davis

IowaRFATwo more Iowa schools will be the benefactors of Iowa Renewable Fuels Association (IRFA) grants aimed at educating communities about biodiesel and incorporating biodiesel and renewable fuels into school programming.

The latest $2,500 Biodiesel Backer Awards will be awarded in December and follow this past summer’s awarding of three grants:

IRFA has created the Biodiesel Backer Toolkit to help schools in this endeavor. The toolkit includes a variety of informational materials as well as communication tools that will assist schools in teaching their communities about biodiesel. These resources include fact sheets, brochures, curriculum, PowerPoint presentations, and a public service announcement. The Biodiesel Backer Award Application is also located in the Biodiesel Backer Toolkit, which can be found online at

“IRFA is excited to keep the Biodiesel Backer Award program rolling for Iowa schools,” said IRFA Biofuels Manager Grant Menke. “Fueling Iowa’s school buses with biodiesel—rather than conventional petroleum-based diesel—is safer for children, healthier for Iowa’s economy, and friendlier to the environment. We strongly encourage Iowa schools to continue educating students about the benefits and uses of biodiesel and to apply for a Biodiesel Backer Award today.”

The deadline for application for the grants is Dec. 11, 2009, and more information is available here.