Get Renewed With RFA

Chuck Zimmerman

Renewable Fuels Association LogoAs I posted earlier, RFA has a new logo. That prompted me to call on CEO Bob Dinneen, the Reverend of Renewable Fuels, to find out what the new look signifies for the organization. To start with, Bob says that RFA has doubled in staff size in the last 18 months with new staff in the area of marketing, technical resources and lobbying. He says that just as the industry has grown they’ve had to grow to continue to serve it. He says they have more than 100 years of ethanol experience represented on the staff.

Bob sees that the challenges faced by the industry have grown along with it. So he sees it as a dynamic industry and marketplace that RFA has had to adapt to. He sees improvements in the industry financially just as improvements are being seen in the economy in general but it is still “tough.”

Bob says the organization will be holding its annual meeting this week and members will be discussing priorities for RFA like the RFS2 and “helping EPA get it right” and next year’s sunset of the ethanol tax incentive. He believes the industry is up to the challenges though.

Listen to my interview with Bob below:

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