Alcohol Can Be A Gas Live Event Recorded

Chuck Zimmerman

Dave Blume’s Alcohol Fuel For Sustainable Living and the International Institute for Ecological Agriculture held a live event today which you can watch the recording of below. It was conducted at the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles this morning.

Presenters included Actor/activist Daryl Hannah, actor/activist Ed Begley Jr. (honorary MC), L. Hunter Lovins (President of Natural Capital Solutions) and David Blume (author best selling Alcohol Can Be A Gas!).

Included in the presentation are:

* Tour the Daryl Hannah Pontiac TransAm Firebird (featured in the movie series Kill Bill) newly converted to run on Alcohol Fuel, too cool/totally GREEN
* Watch Ed Begley Jr. (as he Daryl Hannah and David Blume) install an Alcohol Fuel conversion kit in Ed’s Toyota Prius (easy and practical!)
* Hear global sustainability initiative report from Hunter Lovins (as she recently presented at the International Green Industry Conference in Asia)
* Witness a smog shoot-out between gas and Alcohol Fuel powered cars
* See home heating and cooking solutions that run on Alcohol Fuel
* Learn how Permaculture science and small-scale Alcohol Fuel production are being used globally to create economic and ecological balance

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