Heating Oil Industry Adopts Biodiesel Plan

John Davis

BioHeatMore homes across the country, especially along the East Coast, could soon be burning a combination of biodiesel and heating oil better known as Bioheat®.

This press release from the National Biodiesel Board
says oilheat industry leaders from Maine to South Carolina met and set a plan for wider adoption of the green fuel:

At the national oilheat industry policy summit, oilheat leadership including National Oil Heat Research Alliance, the New England Fuel Institute, and Petroleum Marketers Association of America approved a statement formally embracing cleaner burning fuels, like Bioheat, as well as endorsing an ultra low sulfur standard and solar technology. The resolution calls for changes to heating oil, including that by July 2010, all heating oil will be mixed with a bio component to ensure that at least 2 percent of the fuel is renewable, with goals to increase levels over time.

“Bioheat is another way biodiesel is working to reduce our dependence on foreign oil, to seamlessly introduce cleaner fuel alternatives and to implement sustainable energy solutions,” said National Biodiesel Board CEO Joe Jobe. “We applaud the oilheat industry for formally recognizing the outstanding potential for Bioheat and biodiesel as an important part of our country’s energy future.”

Officials say that if Bioheat is mixed at a 5 percent blend, it would increase biodiesel demand by 450 million gallons a year.