Burger King Tests Motion Power Prototype

Joanna Schroeder

_1JG5186New Energy Technologies, has successfully tested its MotionPower technology for generating electricity from the motion of cars and light trucks, in conjunction with a Burger King restaurant in Hillside, New Jersey. The durability field-test was conducted between September 3-7th and is one of the last steps needed prior to its commercial launch.

“It would be great to generate clean electricity by mechanically capturing the kinetic energy of the 100,000-plus cars that drive through our Hillside store alone each year,” stated entrepreneur and Burger King franchise owner, Mr. Drew Paterno. “If the MotionPower™ device works and does what we think it will do, we’d be interested in installing it in all our locations.”

New Energy’s MotionPower™ technology is designed to be installed in locations where hybrid, next-generation electrical, and conventional fuels-driven vehicles decelerate or stop, thus ensuring that vehicles are not ‘robbed’ of energy they would otherwise use to accelerate. Instead, MotionPower™ devices actually assist vehicles in slowing down, and in the process of doing so, capture the vehicles’ motion energy before it is lost as brake heat, and creatively convert that energy into clean ‘green’ electricity.

“We’ve had a favorable response to our MotionPower™ technology from the marketplace and from those who generated electricity by driving their cars over our device. We’re keen to aggressively commercialize our technology and have designed each phase of our testing to help move us towards this goal,” explained Mr. Meetesh Patel, Esq., President and CEO of New Energy Technologies, Inc.

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