1Hour Flex Launched

Joanna Schroeder

A new U.S. based company called Alkol, has launched 1Hour Flex, a technology, according to the company, that allows any car to run on any amount of ethanol (E85) or gasoline. The conversion is reported to take less than one hour. The company has its roots based in Brazil where there are more flex-fuel vehicles on the road than anywhere else in the world. It’s this Brazilian history that the company says makes its complete system better than any other.


1Hour Flex has three components: an Electronic Converter that alters fuel injectors timing; Ignition Remapper which alters the spark plugs firing time; and a Cold Start System, which allows the engine to quickly start in cold days. Although the system could be installed at home, the company recommends having a certified technician install the technology.

Al Costa, CEO of Alkol said, “Flexing a car improperly can lead you to a number of problems, such as the engine failing when most needed; ridiculously high fuel consumption which basically nulls any savings you could get from the new fuel; fuel injectors clogging; even the fuel pump burning up, etc. That´s why we focus on installing whatever we know that the car will need to properly work without the customer having to do anything.”

1HourFlex is a complete system versus partial systems others offer and is fully automated. In addition, Alkol claims its ignition remapper system has no parallel and is a key component of the effectiveness of the technology. The company is slowly entering the U.S. market and is looking to a price of around $900 for the entire system including installation. The company is also looking at installing E85 pumps at the conversion locations.

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