New Holland Still Supporting Biodiesel Alliance

Chuck Zimmerman

New Holland BiodieselNew Holland sponsored coverage of last week’s Farm Progress Show on our sister website, Domestic Fuel readers know we’ve worked with the company a number of times in recent years and have documented how committed they are to supporting biodiesel.

While at the show last week I talked with Gene Hemphill, New Holland and Tom Verry, National Biodiesel Board about The Biodiesel Alliance. NBB was the founder of the Alliance and New Holland was the first company of their kind to join.

The Biodiesel Alliance is a diverse coalition of organizations, agencies and businesses from across the nation who find common ground in their support for biodiesel fuel. Founded and managed by the National Biodiesel Board, the Biodiesel Alliance supports information sharing and opportunities to help advance the use of clean-burning, renewable biodiesel fuel that meets high industry standards. As a result, the Biodiesel Alliance is instrumental in helping others to recognize the benefits of biodiesel to human health, the environment, national energy security and the US economy.

Gene and New Holland have been big supporters of the biodiesel industry since the days when it was called soydiesel. The company has been innovative in warranting their tractors on blends of biodiesel fuel up to 100 percent. They’ve also encouraged their dealers to join the alliance and many, many people to join the Biodiesel Backers.

Tom says the number one issue facing the industry right now is the proposed RFS2 that EPA has put forth and for which they’re soliciting comments until later this month. The proposed regs require 1 billion gallons of biomass biodiesel by 2012. That should be accomplished mostly by biodiesel but EPA is penalizing biodiesel through its measurement of its carbon score from the controversial indirect land use issue. He says they’re failing to take into account things like increased efficiency and production of soybeans.

You can listen to my interview with Gene and Tom below:

You can also see a lot of our photos from the show in our Farm Progress Show Photo Album.

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