HERO BX Biodiesel Plans to Lead Green Energy Revolution

Cindy Zimmerman

Global Biodiesel Producer Lake Erie Biofuels today announced a name change to HERO BX and a new technology pathway for the future of biofuels.

HERO BXCEO Leonard Kosar says America needs a hero in the biofuels business. “HERO BX stands for high-quality biodiesel and that is what we produce everyday using multiple feedstocks,” said Kosar. “In the future, we will utilize our proprietary blending technology to determine what the most efficient and cost competitive second and third generation feedstocks are and add them to our feedstock portfolio. We are not only a biodiesel company, we are a fuel technology company.”

Kosar says their biodiesel production strategy involves using multiple feedstocks primarily from vegetable oils and waste oils. “What most second and third generation biofuels are not doing today is actually producing biodiesel,” said Kosar. “HERO BX is producing superior biodiesel today using first generation feedstocks from waste oil to catfish oil, to vegetable oil, and tomorrow we will add to our feedstock portfolio the most efficient and cost competitive second and third generation feedstocks such as camelina and algae.” He stressed the need to control the feedstock supply, rather than have it control them.

HERO BX is supporting the new award winning documentary “FUEL” starring and directed by Josh Tickell. The film is launching nationwide this month. “We are a major supporter of the film,” Kosar said. “We don’t support everything in it, certainly in its position with oil companies, but we do support the full story that it gives on what biodiesel is and how it fits into energy policy over the next decade and what it means to America.”

HERO BX, formerly Lake Erie Biofuels, LLC, started operations in 2007 and is Pennsylvania’s first large-scale biodiesel production facility. A fully accredited BQ-9000 producer and marketer of biodiesel, HERO BX is the leading producer of biodiesel in the United States and distributes its fuel around the world.

Audio from the HERO BX announcement is posted here:

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