Company Touts ‘Dual Fuel’ as Green Solution

John Davis

AmPowerGroupAn Iowa-based energy company is claiming that its one-of-a-kind technology is a solution America needs as the country looks to reduce greenhouse emissions and lower energy costs, while helping put people back to work.

American Power Group’s “dual fuel” blends diesel (which should have the ability to use biodiesel, right) and compressed natural gas or methane:

APG’s technology couldn’t come at a better time as customers look for ways to cope with rising fuel costs and search for solutions that will allow them to use federal stimulus monies aimed at cleaning up the environment and reduce dependency on foreign oil. The application, which perfectly blends conventional diesel fuel with compressed natural gas or bio-methane, delivers greener power to municipal vehicles, stationary generators and backup applications to name a few. While some companies are able to offer customers only a dedicated diesel fuel or natural gas fuel solution, APG’s technology is the first to allow an engine to run on both diesel and natural gas simultaneously. The technology is innovative, and it benefits are simply astounding. The dual fuel solution reduces the use of fuel by as much as 40 percent, increases the diesel fuel run time of generators by 300 percent and decreases emissions by over 40 percent. It also minimizes fuel storage space requirements by as much as 50 percent.

“Our technology is freeing up businesses to do what they know best while helping them to improve their bottom line,” said Rick Kremer, VP Sales & Marketing.

APG says one of its clients has been able to run off a generator burning the dual fuel for two week, where it would have lasted only 48 hours before. Plus, company officials claim it will work in existing engines. Check ’em out for yourself here.

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