Book Review – Investing in Solar Stocks

Joanna Schroeder

405267I was going to begin my review with a bad cliche, “solar never sleeps,” but alas it does since it harnesses the energy of the sun. But I couldn’t think of anything else clever so I decided to run with it. This week I reviewed the book, “Investing in Solar Stocks: An Investor’s Guide to Winning in the Global Renewable Energy Market.” With our economy you might think you can’t win in any investment but according to author Joseph Berwind, Founder of Alternative Energy Investing, this is not true. You just need to learn what factors will determine the winners and losers.

Now, I’m a loser when it comes to all things financial and investing is no exception. That’s why I have “people”. That being said, I struggled with the terminology but someone who dabbles in investments will find reading this book a breeze and full of great advice.

Here are a few key points. You can tell which technologies are most promising with three criteria: cost is everything, manufacturing matters, and conversion efficiency matters. From here, Berwind explains how to determine whether the technology is promising, how to assess the success of a companies manufacturing strategy and how to determine the efficiency factors of the technology.

Bertrand also talks about the importance of legislation and subsidies and their roles in the success or demise of the industry and the companies. He has some great charts to explain this including one that includes all the U.S. states’ renewable energy mandates.

In the end, he points out that no industry, including solar, has no risk, but learning how to understand these risks will help you pick the winners.

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