Illinois Ups Biodiesel Mandate to 5 Percent

John Davis

QuinnLegislation that increases the amount of biodiesel state and local governments in Illinois must use has been signed into law by Gov. Pat Quinn.

Biodiesel Magazine reports now the biodiesel blend for use by diesel-powered vehicles owned by the state or local governments when refueling at a bulk central fueling facility moves up from 2 to 5 percent:

The Illinois Soybean Association applauded the legislative leaders who supported the pro-biodiesel legislation. “Illinois is a model for how states can stimulate their economies by opening doors for greater biodiesel use and production,” said Ron Moore, chairperson.

Illinois also has an incentive that cuts sales taxes by 20 percent on biodiesel blends up to B10 and a full exemption from the state sales tax of 6.25 percent for B11 and above.

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