Biotricity Turning Waste into Fuel

John Davis

BiotricitySaying it is on a path less taken, a Houston, Texas company is looking for alternatives to alternative energy.

To that end, Biotricity Corporation has announced through this press release poster on that it is pursuing a strategy to make energy out of biomass:

Biotricity’s technology can take raw waste products such as sawdust, wood chips, corn stover or begasse and convert them directly into electricity. Our feedstocks are abundant and cheap, and our estimated future cash flow compared to capital costs exhibits a far superior return on capital invested. By keeping our feedstock costs relatively low, we plan to produce green power faster and
cheaper than our competitors.

“At Biotricity, we believe America needs practical solutions to generating its energy at home in order to reduce our enormous dependence on foreign imports,” stated Tyson Rohde, CEO. “Many ethanol and biodiesel processes make for an interesting story, but often don’t make sense with current economic conditions,” he added. Biotricity has developed a new combustion technology for the burning of woody biomass to generate electricity to address America’s growing demand for green power. Biotricity will generate green power from renewable energy sources and expects to reduce carbon emissions that would otherwise result from the natural decay of the biomass it burns.

Biotricity is also touting its proprietary Biotricity Power Generator that makes electricity from biomass.