Book Review – Two Cents Per Mile

Joanna Schroeder

Front Cover on TCpM websiteOne of the things I love about America is “freedom of the press” and the ability for people to disseminate “conspiracy theories”. Conspiracies are driving amuck in the quest for the ‘winning’ technology to replace gas guzzlers. The best way forward, according to author Nevres Cefo – electric vehicles. The worst way forward – hydrogen.  In his new book, “Two Cents Per Mile: Will President Obama Make it Happen with the Stroke of a Pen?” Cefo says that the government is in collusion with the Little Autos (formerly known as the Big Autos) and Big Oil to determine what is best for our future – hydrogen – and not moving forward with technologies that are best for the people – electric vehicles.

“We are at a pivotal juncture in in history–a showdown between hydrogen and electric powered vehicles,” he writes. While Cefo has some interesting insights into the development and ultimate adoption of electric vehicles, at first blush, I somewhat disagreed with his view of government support for hydrogen. The hydrogen program was suspended and only brought back from the dead this past July. But just yesterday, the DOE announced that it would award a $1 million for the best “breakthrough” hydrogen technology.

Regardless of whether you are a fan of electric vehicles, hydrogen both or neither, Cefo writes something that should resonate with everyone  – especially as our country continues to suffocate under a recession caused by our addiction to oil.

“People may feel that their elected officials do not hear the voice of their constituent, or at least not as much as they pay attention to corporate influence, power and money. That is exactly what Big Oil and the Big Three are counting on–the belief that we, the average American, cannot do anything to change the course they outlined for us.”

On this issue, I agree and ultimately “Two Cents Per Mile” is a call for action for every one of us to get involved in our future.

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