New E85 Station in Colorado Springs Offers Promotion

co-cornThe Colorado Corn Growers Association, the Governor’s Biofuels Coalition, Western Convenience Stores and Southern Colorado Clean Cities in Colorado Springs are partnering to celebrate the opening of a new E85 pump location at 227 West Fillmore Street in Colorado Springs, Colorado, on August 26. This will be the ninth station selling E85 in Colorado Springs.

“Use of ethanol can contribute greatly in our nation’s drive toward energy independence, improved air quality, reduced carbon emissions, and national security. Ethanol in our fuel had the net environmental impact of removing over 2 million cars from America’s roads in 2008 alone,” says Mark Sponsler, CEO of Colorado Corn. “And the product has to be conveniently available in order for consumers to use it regularly. This pump marks another step forward.”

“Many consumers have been duped into thinking that ethanol is not energy efficient and has caused significant food price increases. Credible independent scientists know differently, and so do the Governor’s Biofuels Coalition (GBC) and the many Clean Cities organizations across the country. Western Convenience has been a great partner and one of Colorado’s industry leaders in renewable fuels adoption.”

The number of E85 fueling locations in Colorado has grown significantly over recent years. Currently there are over 100 stations open and selling Biofuels. Western Convenience has invested in 23 of those locations throughout Colorado. The Colorado Corn Growers Association and GBC have provided funding and support to most of the E85 refueling sites across the state.

Consumers who drive FFV’s will have an opportunity to save money by filling up for only .85 cents a gallon on Wednesday, August 26. Western Convenience is making E85 available for .85 cents a gallon from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. in a promotional effort to highlight the availability of the fuel at their Store in Colorado Springs.

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